I was born in 1996, what makes me 21 years old.

What am I doing? 
I am a student at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics

What are my hobbies? 
Cooking and photography, obviously. I also like to fish, hike and travel.

Do I have any other interests? 
Sure. Economics, everything that has to do with tech, biology and travelling.

How did I come where I am now? 
After finishing my school in 2014 I started studying straight away. However, I did not start with what I am doing today, but with engineering science at the Technical University in Munich. Though, it didn't suit me that well so I quit that after just one semester. I then worked at Temmel Fundraising, a fundraising agency. It was just about half a year, yet I had a great time and some of the most valuable experiences for me so far. In autumn of 2015 I came to the LMU and started with my bachelor studies. During that time I worked at a retailer for lottery, tobacco and press and after that as a working student at the Munich Ergo Asset Management GmbH (MEAG). I finished my Bachelor in Munich and moved to Bergen, Norway, where I am studying a Master of Economics and Business Administration at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics.

Anastasia - ma girl

Here is a map with all 19 countries colored I have visited so far.